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"Louisiana we are in trouble! Government and politics are failing us. The time has come for a maise elder with wisdom, knowledge and experience. A man willing to fight to protect and defend what is good, yet able to lead to better solutions"



Your politicians have thrown your children under the bus. You need some new politicians ready to work, ready to serve you. Our public schools are on a hotbed of disobedience, disrespect, disruption and violence! The majority of American children can't read, write or compute at grade level. Isn't it time to try something else?

If this country can give a half a million dollars to illegal aliens that broke into our country... What about my great granddaddy who was separated from his family, his village, his country, and his continent. And he didn't break into this country. He was dragged here in a slave ship. If this country has a half a million to throw away then he owes my family at least two million dollars, for each generation we have been here. We have GOT to choose people who will represent OUR communities.

  I invite you to join me in resolving to protect at very least four of the foundational pillars of American Life. 

American Culture

  Our values, even our languages are in danger. Hard work climbing the ladder of success: family of married mom, dad and children, education, even our language has come to press 1 for Spanish and 2 for English.

American History

  Snowflakes too lazy to study and learn from history want tear pages out of history books, tear down statues and rewrite any history that "OFFENDS" them. The lawless times of "defund the police" and "turn loose violent criminals".


Our Guns

  Americans and our GUNS are the last line of defense of ourselves and our families, and our property. 

Our God

  This is really the first and most important. It is GOD! We have let a small minority of wackos come into GOD'S country and EVICT God from our schools, meetings, and even from public life! 

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